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52 WEEKS: Anger Management 52 Weeks Course (includes webinar)    

34 WEEKS: Anger Management 34 Weeks Course (includes webinar)    

16 WEEKS: Anger Management 16 Weeks Course (includes webinar)    

If your requirement is more than 34 Weeks., then select the 52 Week Course. Otherwise, select the 34 Week Course. Our flexible program can accommodate the number that is required. You only pay for the number of weeks that you need, and receive a completion certificate after finishing your requirements. For example, if your requirement is 12 weeks, then select the 16 week course and you will only pay for 12 weeks.

How Much Work Each Week

  • Every week - about one hour of online coursework
  • Every other week - a one-hour online group session webinar


  • $60 Signup fee due after you signup and complete intake documents.
  • $25/week

How to Get Started

Click the Sign Up buttons at the top of this page. You will fill out two pages, then you will be signed up. Next step is to fill out the intake documents. Once these documents are completed, you will be scheduled to start the classes.

The Steps Involved in Starting the Course

  1. Sign Up
  2. Finish Intake Documents
  3. Enter a credit card for payment (payments start after intake and before the course starts). Or if you are sponsored by an agency, no credit card is required.
  4. Do a Video / Sound Test for the Webinar
  5. Start your course